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Concert Crowd

Sunday Worship

9:00 AM                Early Service

This is the more traditional of our two morning services. It will be located in our sanctuary, in the older brick building. Worship will be like that of the past with Hymns and praise music, on piano and guitar.

10:05 AM              Bible Life Groups

This is our group discipleship time it is much like Sunday school of the past. There is a class for all age groups, and walks of life.

11:05 AM               Late Service

This is the more contemporary of our two services. It will be located in the newer building (CLC). Worship will be more modern, with a band. We will do more recent music, likely songs your hearing on Christian radio.

Child Care


New born to 4 years old 


Sunday Morning

For both services as well as, Bible Life Groups, the church will provide a nursery. We have a rotation of ladies, that take care of the children.


Every person, that helps with our children has undergone a background check, insuring your child is in good hands.

Special needs will need to be addressed before dropping children off. Please contact us with any questions or special request. 


Children's Toys
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